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The Exhibition

Exhibition Text by Boris Manner (english / german)


Sonification of bread

Dokumentation Video "Collecting Bread"

Dokumentation Video "Inside the church"

Multiple Spaces Project KarolineRiha_Qubik_Multiple Matters_Process

In November 2008 Qubik was invited to organize an exhibition in the Karmeliter Kirche Wr. Neustadt.
Participating artists were: Michael Wegerer (Austria), Muzak (Austria), Karoline Riha (Austria), Hawy Abdel Rahman (Irak), Astrid Kitzler (Austria), Michaela Kirchknopf (Austria), Johanna Klement (Austria), José Pozo (Spain).

Qubik aimed to encorporate the history of the space and find a medium, that could be read methaphorical, and associated with in many ways, by the artists and the viewers.

After 10 month of preparation, arguments and discussions, 2 weeks of intensive sorting of bread, Qubik filled the church with 20 tons of it.
This is approximately the amount being thrown away, in a weeks time, by a single bakery.
The bread was kindly lend to us by the bio gas plant Laab im Walde

After three days in the church, the bread was returned and only a video showing the church filled with bread was left, apart from the smell of bread and traces of oil on the floor.
How to believe what you can´t see?


KarolineRiha_Qubik_Multiple Matters_Process

KarolineRiha_Qubik_Multiple Matters_Process

© Qubik / sorting bread

KarolineRiha_Qubik_Multiple Matters_Process

KarolineRiha_Qubik_Multiple Matters_Process


The Artists

© Qubik
from left to right: José Pozo, Johanna Klement, Karoline Riha, Muzak, Hawy Abdel Rahman, Michael Wegerer, Astrid Kitzler, Michaela Kirchknopf