Objektzustände // Object-conditions in state of affairs
Paper dresses and other works for performative actions


#paper dresses



#paper carpet


Photograph Of The Artist Wearing Her Own Work

Karoline Riha / The artist wearing her work - (immersive#1)



Karoline Riha_Paperdress02Karoline Riha_Paperdress07Karoline Riha_Paperdress03Karoline Riha_Paperdress01Karoline Riha_Paperdress08Karoline Riha_Paperdress04Karoline Riha_Paperdress05-2Karoline Riha_Paperdress05Karoline Riha_Paperdress06-1Karoline Riha_Paperdress06-2

Karoline Riha / printed paper dresses with photographs, mirrorfoil and printed soap / 2006



Karoline RIha / Paperhouses / dioramas with images, objects and sounds





Karoline Riha / Tapetenbilder / 150x80cm/ mixed printing techniques / 2007


Karoline Riha_Dresses_Papercarpet

Karoline Riha / installation view with paper carpet, dress03 and dress09 / Galerie Feuerwerk / 2007

KAroline Riha Dresses Papercarpet

Karoline Riha / installation view / woven and printed paper carpet / Essence MAK / 2007